Over the hill. Along in years. Outdated. Past your prime. (Even worse: codger, biddy, old bat, doddering fool.) Many folks my age are cringing and rebelling right now—we don’t think of ourselves in these terms. We might prefer: Still going strong. Experienced. In life’s third third. Slowing but still kicking. We’d be pleased if some called us wise, venerable, or sage.

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, SL_1528

Among the indignities heading into later life, one of the worst is when your culture writes you off as having nothing more to contribute. This site is my very small contribution to fighting ageism. I want to explore, learn, and share some ideas on how we grow, even while growing older.

I’m an artist, writer, mother, grandmother; and a past graphic designer and tech marketer, living for all it’s worth in Seattle, Washington. My artist’s site is sucummings.com; and I’ve shared some traveling experiences at traverse.us.com. Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you’ll share your ideas too!